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de Oliveira EM, Freitas TC, Coutinho K, Varella árcioT do N, Canuto S, Lima MAP, Bettega árcioHF.  2014.  Communication: Transient anion states of phenol…(H2O)n (n = 1, 2) complexes: Search for microsolvation signatures. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 141(5):051105.
Cabral BJC, Coutinho K, Canuto S.  2014.  Dynamics of endo- vs. exo-complexation and electronic absorption of calix[4]arene-Ar2. Chemical Physics Letters. 612:266-272.
Vequi-Suplicy íntiaC, Coutinho K, M. Lamy T.  2014.  Electric dipole moments of the fluorescent probes Prodan and Laurdan: experimental and theoretical evaluations. Biophysical Reviews. 6(1):63-74.
Cabral BJC, Cruzeiro íciusWilian D, Coutinho K, Canuto S.  2014.  Free base phthalocyanine: Influence of thermal effects and dimerization on the electronic absorption spectrum. Chemical Physics Letters. 595-596:97-102.
Caputo íaCristina, Provasi PF, Benitez ía, Georg HC, Canuto S, Coutinho K.  2014.  Monte Carlo–Quantum Mechanics Study of Magnetic Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide in Liquid Water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 118(32):6239-6247.
da Cunha AR, Duarte EL, M. Lamy T, Coutinho K.  2014.  Protonation/deprotonation process of Emodin in aqueous solution and pKa determination: UV/Visible spectrophotometric titration and quantum/molecular mechanics calculations. Chemical Physics. 440:69-79.
Gester RM, Bistafa C, Georg HC, Coutinho K, Canuto S.  2014.  Theoretically describing the 17O magnetic shielding constant of biomolecular systems: uracil and 5-fluorouracil in water environment. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts. 133(1)